Introducing King Fandom's Free Rewards Program: Earn Points, Move Up Tiers, and Get Exciting Rewards!

Exciting news, King Fandom enthusiasts! We're thrilled to introduce our brand new Free Rewards Program, designed exclusively for our valued customers. By signing up on our website or in-store, you'll automatically be enrolled in the program and on your way to earning exciting rewards!

All you need to do is provide your email or phone number at the checkout in-store or sign in to our website while shopping online, and you'll start earning rewards points. The best part? Your points will NEVER expire, so you can collect them at your own pace.

For every dollar you spend, you'll receive 1 point, and as a bonus, if you sign up on our website with the rewards logo on the bottom right, you'll receive 10 points to get you started. And that's not all - just for being in our lowest tier, the Pawn Tier, you'll receive an additional 1 point!

As you collect points, you'll be able to move up the ranks through our Tiers and earn even more bonus points. Here are the Tiers you can attain and the bonus points you'll receive:

  • Pawn Tier - Beginning Tier
  • Rook Tier - Reach 1000 Points - Receive an additional 500 points
  • Bishop Tier - Reach 2000 Points - Receive an additional 1000 points
  • Knight Tier - Reach 3000 Points - Receive an additional 1500 points
  • Queen Tier - Reach 4000 Points - Receive an additional 2000 points
  • King Tier - Reach 5000 Points - Receive an additional 2500 points
  • Godly Tier - Reach 10000 points - Receive an additional 10000 points

Once you've collected enough points, you can redeem them either in-store or online. If you choose to redeem in-store, your points will be automatically applied to your purchase. If you choose to redeem online, you'll receive a promo code that will never expire, which you can use at your convenience.

These are the denominations that you are able to redeem:
100 points = $1.00
500 points = $5.00
1000 points = $10.00
2000 points = $20.00
5000 points = $50.00
10000 points = $100.00

As our loyal customers climb the tiers, more tiers and benefits will be added.

The rewards don't stop there! Follow us on Instagram and receive an instant 100 points. Simply head to the rewards section on the bottom left of our website, sign in, and follow the instructions.

We understand that sometimes, customers may accidentally create multiple accounts. If you encounter this issue, please contact us at and let us know which accounts you'd like to merge.

We appreciate our loyal customers and are thrilled to finally offer a rewards program that gives back to you. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you earn some exciting rewards!