Goldeneye 007 (N64)

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Nintendo 64 · Action · Cartridge

GoldenEye 007 (James Bond) - N64 Game GoldenEye was originally designed to be an awesome series of first-person-perspective missions that put players in the immaculately tailored shoes of James Bond. The idea of a game that would allow you to live out scenarios from over three decades of action-packed movies was sheer brilliance, and doubtlessly would have made GoldenEye a great game in its own right. But then at the last minute, one of the developers had the idea to throw in a multiplayer mode, and a gaming legend was born. With over 40 playable characters, 32 devastating weapons, 11 treacherous death maps, 8 separate game modes, a metric ton of game-shattering cheat options, all at the disposal of up to 4 players at once made GoldenEye the greatest multiplayer game of its generation. The idea of four friends all clumped together on a couch, and staring at the same screen is a lost novelty these days. And thats a shame. Games like GoldenEye really brought out a sense of comradery. It takes good humor, and some serious guts to laugh at the guy you just drove over with a digital tank, when theyre sitting two feet away from you. And focusing on just your quarter of the television screen, never knowing when your enemies would spring out to attack you was an experience that never let the tension ease up for a second...unless you were a dirty cheater who decided to look at where everyone else was standing and throw grenades at them like you were some sort of psychic demolitions expert. Either way, GoldenEye was endless fun to play and remains a title that will leave you shaken and stirred. Original Nintendo 64 game cartridge only.

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