Kidrobot - Phunny Gargoyles Goliath 7.5 Plush [New Toy] Plush

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Goliath Gushing Goliath has a hard "day" job. He has to defend Earth from mystical forces and evil billionaires, and we are all for it. We just wish Goliath was a bit more snuggly. Is that selfish? We can't really decide. Help us through this dilemma and pick up an officially licensed 7.7 Inch Goliath Gargoyles Phunny Plush. It's much better on the hugging muscles than squeezing a stone statue. The best thing is, you don't have to wait until dusk to play with this plush buddy! If you or your young one are fans of the hit 90s cartoon, then we know you'll both adore our 7.7 Inch Goliath Gargoyles Phunny Plush.

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